August 23

Well we weathered Fay. We have some down branches and lost power for about 4 hours, but everything else is good. Ebony and Kahlua didnt like the rain. They dont like going out in the rain so it was hard to get them to do their business. They know better than to go in the house, so they were just miserable for 4 days.

Joe and I are actively looking for a house. We are going to put a bid in on a house on Monday. It is a bank owned and needs some work but the foundation looks good. So we will see.

August 12

Joe and I went to the beach today, in my new car. :)
We had a good day, but both got a little too much sun. Joe used sunscreen so he has streaks where he missed.
It was nice to spend the day together, sometimes we forget to take the time and I really enjoy his company. Even though he likes to dunk me in the water.

Sunday August 10

I got a new car on Friday. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a red Toyota Rav4. I could not be more happy with the car. Joe likes it as well, but thinks it is a chick car. He says he can not go cruising in it.

My friend Tina came up for the weekend. We had a great time. We scrapbooked and went to the beach.