Week 2 & 3

Week 3

Week 2

Project 365

I am doing Becky Higgins (Creating Keepsakes) Project 365. The project is taking a picture every day for the year and journaling about it. It is suppose to be of ordinary things.

Here is part of the project.....
Don’t you just love it when you receive flowers or a card or a sweet e-mail message “just because”? Sometimes the best things in life are those that come out of the blue, unexpectedly, for no particular reason. The same is true with photographs! One of the photos on my desk was taken on a random day, but it’s exactly how I envision my nephews when I think of them—in everyday sweatshirts, with a rosy, outdoor, active boy glow.

To begin the new year, we challenge you to capture those wonderful ordinary moments and objects that make up your world. Take the “Project 365” challenge and photograph at least one picture every day for a month. You’ll discover that loads of photo-worthy subjects are right in front of you.

I did not buy the kit, as I did not like the layouts, So I am creating my own version.

I will post the layouts weekly......

Here is the front and back cover

and week one