Monday, Dec 1

Sometimes I think only the weird things happen to me.

I was putting clothes away and noticed that Kahlua was limping. When I tried to check it out, her foot was bleeding and I could see the nail was just hanging on by a thread. So I call the vet who said to bring her in ASAP, as she could get an infection.

We did not even see the vet as he was in emergency surgery, I had to deal with a rude lady and spend $50 on medication.

This is her after the medications, it made her sleepy, which is the only way I was able to get pictures.

I finished the layout from yesterday

This was a layout I worked out last weekend.....

It's not you, It's me. (A 'Dear John' Letter to my first car)

A close up of the letter

Sunday, November 30

Joe and I took Ebony and Kahlua to the park today. They had a good time, except it started to rain and there was tornado warning in the area.

I worked on another layout last night. I just have to finish the journaling tomorrow and will post a picture.

Joe has Sundays off during the winter has been nice, more family time.

Saturday, November 29

I cant believe Thanksgiving is over. It is true what they say, time gets faster when you get older. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom, sister and Malachi. Joe, myself and g-ma went to my mom's house. We had a good time and was very full as usually.

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping. It seemed like there was not as much stuff that was on sale. I did get a TomTom, GPS. I have gone back and forth about wanting one for a while. I have a GPS on my phone for work, so it seemed like a waste of money, but the one on the phone is hard to work, while driving and the sale price was good. I also picked up 3 cricut cartridges as they were $29.99, regular 89.99.

We leave for Mexico in one week and one day. I cant wait, we fly out at 8am. I have not been on a plane since 9/11, nothing about that dad, I have flown a total of 2 times all together. So a little nervous about the security check point and how long they take.

I have been scrapbooking a lot but forget to take pictures of my layouts. So here are some pages I have completed recently...

I have also started working with 'Swap a Crop.' Which is where I upload my pictures to a website and someone else completes my layouts and I complete a layout for another person. So here are two of the layouts completed by someone else. I love the fact that the pages are so different than what I have ever done, gives my books variety.

My mom built me a bigger scrapbook area, I get more done, now that I have more room...

We did not get the house, we put a bid on. We went all the way until the day before closing and found there was a 10,000 lien on the home. We have decided to take a break and save up more money for a down payment. We are also thinking about buying a new home.

November 9

Wow, How time just flies by. It will be Christmas before you know it.
  • Joe and I won a trip to Mexico, we are going Dec 7-11. It is through his job.
  • Joe and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary and we went to Texas De Brazil. This restaurant is the best and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Malachi has started walking. He is so cute, he gets so excited and starts to run, which makes him fall down.

September 14

Malachi's First Birthday is tomorrow. We had a small party for him yesterday and will be taking him to the Zoo next Saturday.

We did not get the house we put a bid on, but we are still looking and will be putting another bid in tomorrow. I am over looking for a house. Just ready to buy.

August 23

Well we weathered Fay. We have some down branches and lost power for about 4 hours, but everything else is good. Ebony and Kahlua didnt like the rain. They dont like going out in the rain so it was hard to get them to do their business. They know better than to go in the house, so they were just miserable for 4 days.

Joe and I are actively looking for a house. We are going to put a bid in on a house on Monday. It is a bank owned and needs some work but the foundation looks good. So we will see.

August 12

Joe and I went to the beach today, in my new car. :)
We had a good day, but both got a little too much sun. Joe used sunscreen so he has streaks where he missed.
It was nice to spend the day together, sometimes we forget to take the time and I really enjoy his company. Even though he likes to dunk me in the water.

Sunday August 10

I got a new car on Friday. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a red Toyota Rav4. I could not be more happy with the car. Joe likes it as well, but thinks it is a chick car. He says he can not go cruising in it.

My friend Tina came up for the weekend. We had a great time. We scrapbooked and went to the beach.

July 11

Joe got his car back on Wed. YAY!!!! It was very difficult, only having one car.

I am going to a crop tonight. I was so excited this morning because I have not been able to scrapbook at all this month. I even got up early because I could not sleep. Sometimes I am so goofy.

Joe and I are looking for a house, I really want to be in our own home by Christmas.

July 6

This weekend was great. I spent some time with my mom and we hung out at my aunt's pool. I think I got a little too much sun. In Haines City, they have a firework show. So my mom and I went to that. Malachi came with us and he was really good. He loved the fireworks and he was not even scared.

It is the 6th day of month and I have not scrapbooked anything. I am going through scrapbook withdraw. Hopefully I will be able to scrapbook tonight.

Joe was in an accident, so we have been without a car for a week now. It sucks, I dont see how people manage with only one car. He will hopefully get it back next week.

Ebony is doing better, she goes back to the vet on Tuesday for a check up and to get a vaccination for tarter. It is suppose to help her bad breath as well. Kahlua is also going.


I changed my font at

June 24

So I went to the Creating Keepsake convention on Saturday. I was disappointed to say the least. However I got a cute shirt with a turtle. I stay the night with my mom and visit grandma on Sunday. I come home and Ebony is throwing up blood, so I rushed her to the vet. They kept her overnight and she had to have X-rays. We were told she has a Stress Related Ulcers. What?!?!???????

She is a dog. It would be me, a low maintenance person, who gets a high maintenance dog.

There has been some stress. We were told that she could have picked up on the stress from everything with grandma.

June 9

AcMoore is having a sale on cricut BYGO. So I was able to get Animal Kingdom and Paper Dolls.

I saw a card a few weeks ago and that was the first thing i wanted to scraplift once I got Animal Kingdom. Isn't the frog so cute?

June 8

It has been a tough week. Last Friday we learned the Joe's Grandmother was in the hospital. Joe and I both took time off work last week and went to Polk County to visit with her. We learned that she has stage 2 lung cancer and does not have long to live. It has been hard on Joe. He wants to spend as much time as possible with her. It is very emotionally draining to be there. I have dont think I have been more tired.

June 1st

I can not believe it is already June. The summer is here and I can feel it in the weather. Joe and I are getting annual passes for the 2 Disney water parks. I cant wait to spend time in the sun. We are not going to get to go on vacation because of his new job. So we decided this would still give us time away.

I have challenged myself to complete 20 2page layouts this month. So I am going to try to post pictures for all to see. Here is my first one.

Currently I am working on my own baby album. So this is my first birthday.
My mom scrapbooks and said she would complete the album but then my sister had a baby and my album got put on the back burner. I am mainly putting the pages together and my mom promised that she would journal.
The journal on this page came from my baby book.

Joe's Grandmother is currently in the hospital, which has been very hard on Joe. He is trying to get through work this weekend (he found out on Friday) and tomorrow. He is then going to try to take some time off work to spend with her. He is trying so hard to keep it together but it is very hard for him. His grandmother is more like his mother and if I was in the same situation I dont think I would have the strength that he has shown. It is one of the reason I love him so much.

May 6, 2008

Today was a good day at work, got a lot of stuff done.

I joined this group that makes cards and send to the host, for the area, who then sends them (in a big box) to Soldiers over seas, so they can send them back to their family. I have made 20 cards so far. I hope they like them

Here are a few examples

Joe and I looked at a house around the corner today, for rent. It was 3 bedroom 2 bath. We just want to get away from our neighbor.

May 4

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I went to a crop and got a few pages done. Then today AC Moore had the Cricut on sale for 319. I paid 369 about two weeks ago for it. I took my receipt in and they gave me the difference. So an extra 50 dollars. I was thinking of buying an extra cartridge. Since you can never have enough of them. I was thinking of adding a wish list here, so that way if anyone wants to buy me something (birthday, anniversary, because you love me). What ever the reason, you will know what I want.

I joined a group that makes cards for soldiers over seas.

I am not a big card maker, actually I have only made one card (what did you think Ana?) So I will post some pics when I am done.

I learned on Friday, after the Stimulus payment was not in my account, that if you filed your taxes with Jackson Hewitt, or similar places, and you opted to have them take their fee out of your return. You will get a paper check. That sucks. So I have to wait another two weeks to get the payment.

We got the fence fixed and have been watching the girls while they are outside. I really think that she calls them over to her yard. They do not even go near the fence.

Morning of 4/28

She is just a hateful person. She has called animal control on us again. Her fence is 15 years old. She told me this personally. The thing is dry rotted. The dogs were in her yard this morning, which I understand she would be upset because the girls don't like her. Would you like someone who sat at the fence and teased them and they poured beer and other items on them. So we are going to be fined 50 for the girls being in her hard and another 50 for destroying her property. The 15 year old fence that is dry rotted. When you touch the thing it falls apart. SO I am out $100 maybe $200 if they fine us for both dogs.

Sunday 4/27

Today I worked at the RMH, which means that I got to look at the Cricut website a lot. I found this girl who decorated her craft room.

It is so cheerful and fun. I want to do something similar to my craft room, when we buy a house.

I have not got a chance to scrapbook a lot since I got my cricut, but what I have done, looks great. It is so much easier to use then the Xyron. I think I like it so much more because it can really do a lot more than my other machine.

Well Joe got a promotion at work. He will be store manager at the Winter Springs Store (less than 8 miles from the house). He starts on May 5. I am very proud of him. He has earned it. Especially after working for his current manager. She actually left early today and left Joe to complete an inventory by himself. Which was her responsibility. But on top of it, she refused to answer his calls, to find out where the paper work was. So Joe got home 3 hours late today.

Last week was crazy at work. I got 8 cases, usually I only get between 4 and 6. I was in a training on Friday, or I would have gotten two more. (Everyone that worked Fri got 2) I hate this time of year. End of the school year and teachers seem to call in more reports.

Joe and I are going to Texas de Brazil to celebrate his promotion. I cant wait, I have heard really good things about it.

April 8

Today was a very long day. I got up early this morning, to donate, and once again my iron was low.

I have been taking my iron pills, I just dont know. So I will try again tomorrow. I went straight to work and it is crazy when I go to the office. I like working from home better. No interruptions, I can get my work done, without being asked a million questions.

I had to go to court today on one of my case. It is about domestic violence and I just dont see why people stay in those types of relationships. I finally was able to convince the mother to call the
police and make a report. They are going to arrested him, which is good, because this guy is crap.
I started reading Metro Girl yesterday, it is a book by Janet Evanovich. I loved her Stephanie Plum Novels and this book is just as great and funny.

Friday April 4

It has been a few days since I posted, so I thought I should get on here.

We caught the critter in the house. Luckily my landlord was the one that found it and cleaned it up.

I can not believe it is already April, where has this year gone. It just seems like the older I get the faster life goes by.

We found out yesterday that they put a hold on raises this year. That sucks, so we have to wait and see if the government is going to approve it. I really think it has to do with the amendment that was just recently passed to cut property taxes.

I saw on the news this morning that they are going to send out the government payments in May by the last 2 of your social, so I should get mine on May 9 (yay)

Sunday March 30

I feel in a good place. Joe and I have finally got caught up on bills (and when I say caught up, I mean being able to pay the bills when they come in and not waiting until the last minute to get them paid). Joe and I are getting along better as well, not saying that we still do not disagree but we talk through it and try to compromise before getting into any arguments.

We still have the critter in the attic. I think he is trapped between two walls. The people came out and put a cage up outside, so if he tries to get out. They are suppose to come today and put on in the attic. The critter is scratching on the walls, I feel so bad for him.


Sometime I just dont get men. Joe and I were watching TV and saw the new CSI and Without a Trace starts on Thur. He says to me that we have to get on the ball and catch up on the CSI (they are recorded on the DVR). So when we sit down to dinner and I say what do you want to watch, he gets mad because he said early that he was watching a basketball game. I just dont get men sometime.

March 28

So I had my interview today. I think it went really well. There were 11 people applying for the position, so the chance that I get it will be very slim, but I like the fact that I am getting more experience in the interview process. This is only my 5th interview ever, and three are from my current employer.

Well the scrapbook expo is tomorrow, so my bank account will be a lot lighter at the end of the day.

March 27

The rest of the day went okay, I got a lot of work accomplished today, so that is always good. I have an interview tomorrow for a supervisor position. I am really nervous. There are a lot of good people applying with me, so the composition is tough.

Morning of March 27

This morning was so busy.
I worked last night at the Ronald McDonald House so had to get up at 7:30 and leave there to get to my dentist appointment. That went good. I had a crown placement done.
Then I went to donate. My iron is back up where it should be, so that is good. The girl that stuck me, I had a feeling I was going to have a problem with her. She stuck the needle in my arm but not my vain. So when the machine went to put the blood back in, it went into my arm. So now I have a bruise on the arm. She had to take the needle out and stick it in my other arm.

Now I have to head to work until 8. It has already been a long day and it is just starting.

March 26

Today was a crazy day at work. I had to go to a doctor visit for a one year old with a burn. Let me tell you, one year old are not very cooperative when they have a burn on their arm. Then I had to drive 30 miles out to a home. I was supposed to be at my second job at 5pm and I got a second case at 4pm. So I had to run out there and of course everyone was home so I had to interview 5 people. I have 45 minutes late to my second job. I hate coming back from any time off. I just feel like there is not enough hours in the day.

I am in this plasma program where I have been vaccinated for anthrax and I have to donate plasma so medicine/treatment came be made for people who get anthrax. I was suppose to donate today and was told my iron was too low. I feel like I am falling apart. I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was very upset about that. Now I might have an iron problem. It sucks. I am only 26 I should not be falling apart yet. I was told to take a multi-vitamin and try to donate again tomorrow, so well see.

March 24

Today was very long. I worked 10 hours and still feel like I have a ton of work to do. I hate taking time off because when I come back, there is so much work. I did not get to eat dinner last night until 10 pm.

My gums are feeling better today. (having three wisdom teeth pulled takes a lot out of you). There are holes where the teeth were, so I keep getting food stuck in them.

So there is another creepy factor to this house. I remember taking down the smoke detector because it was going off. It has been by the kitchen since we moved in. Last time I saw the smoke detector it was laying on the kitchen table. However on Sunday I realized that it was up in the hallway. I asked Joe and he swears that he did not put it there. He knows it goes by the kitchen, so I don't think he would put it there. Tonight Joe went to a friends house and I was home alone. I heard a noise in the den and was scared to death. All the doors were locked and no one was there. I really think this house is haunted.

March 23

Today was a great family day. Joe and I went to church this morning. Then we took the girls to the dog park. They are all tuckered out now. Joe and I just finished watching a movie. It is nice to spend time with my family and realize that we do have a good life and sometimes it is the simple things that really matter.