I scrapbooked my bug

Day 5

The shower
school I visited today
Park where Joe plays basketball
The spa (slept on my neck wrong and hoping this helps)
A lizard I saw while in the spa
I want dinner too
Love this new show

Day 4

Day 3

Got Milk??
Me at work
My desk


Had to go to APopka today
at Publix again

Dinner by flashlight (we lost power)


Week in the Life - Day 2

Got up at 10 this morning...

Titanic... love this movie
cutting coupons

more laundry
Got gas today... 2.59 a gallon

had lunch with Joe today
buying groceries

at...Fried Chicken for Dinner
Joe doing the dishes

Week in the Life - Day 1

Starting the week in the life project by Ali Edwards....
It is just basically taking pictures of your everyday life.

Doing Laundry

Dog hair... I could make a whole other dog

Heading into the dog park

waiting for a bath

Packed an ready to go...Chicken... Good..
Mac and cheese socks
Yummy Mac and cheese

The new Imagine
You have to take a picture of everythingThey have traction
But the tape will have ink on it...

Baby Album

Helping out a friend with an 8x8 baby girl album that she is giving as a gift...

Cards for Cricut Swap

Here is another card I made for the cricut swap..
It says Congrats on your out of this world success...

I used DCWV Glitter stack
Everyday Paper Dolls for the alien and planet