Glass Block

Hey Everyone,
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This month I wanted to share an easy project. I did a Christmas design but you can use this for a birthday party or even a nightlight for your children. 

Start with a glass block. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. This is the small of the 2 they sale. 

I used Armour Etch to give the glass a frosted look. I etched both sides.

Not sure if this picture does it justice but it has a nice frosted look

I then cut out my saying with vinyl. I peeled off the top layer, leaving the saying on the backing.

I use contact paper as my transfer tape to add it to the glass block. 

I put small mini lights in the bottom of the glass block.

Here it is all lit up. 

I tried to get a good picture with it the lights off

I hope I was able to inspire you today! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Bugbytes
Until next time!