Jinger Adams & The Scrapbooking Queen Design Team Call

Hey Everyone,
I heard some very exciting news early this month!!!!
Jinger Adams and The Scrapbooking Queen is having a Design Team Call.
As some of you may know, Jinger has started her own product line.
I had the great privilege of meeting Jinger back in 2010. We spent the weekend together with Scraping with the Stars (Thanks to Kathy at Paper Phenomenon)

So for my project I decided to make a mini album from an old record album. I went to the Goodwill and found this album that was in decent shape.
When I got it home my husband said I better make sure it wasn't worth any money before I altered it.
So I checked it out online. It would have been worth about $50 if it was in collectors conditions. That would have been awesome, as I only paid .99 cent for it. But it was pretty beat up.

So my first task was to cover the edges with electrical tape. This served two purposes. First the edges were a little beat up, so it covered up the edges. Secondly the album is a little bigger than 12x12 so I was able to use the tape as a little boarder around the paper used to cover the album.
I used black electoral tape but it also comes in colors to match any theme you decide to use.
I turned 30 this month and had a party at my house. The theme Fabulous, Flirty and 30.
Using the Zebra and Pink colors.
I made some of the decoration for the party (3 banners, I don't know what I was thinking. :)
So I had a ton of left over paper from all the decorations. Which was great for this mini album.

There is a pocket on each side of the album, which holds the records. I attached the records using a brad. The brad is hidden by the two pictures in the center of the album. I used pop dots so the brad would not effect the pictures. Then cut a circle at the top of each side of the album.
Using the record as a turn knob you can see 7 additional pictures on each side.
I hope I was able to inspire you today! Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time!

Products Used:
Paper - Hobby Lobby Paper Studio
Bling and flowers - Hobby Lobby spare parts
Cricut - Songbird

March SWAT

Hey Everyone! There is a new sketch posted over at Sketches with a Twist

This layout is from our trip to Inverness. Daphne decided that she needed a new year color! 
She went with Red!!!