July 6

This weekend was great. I spent some time with my mom and we hung out at my aunt's pool. I think I got a little too much sun. In Haines City, they have a firework show. So my mom and I went to that. Malachi came with us and he was really good. He loved the fireworks and he was not even scared.

It is the 6th day of month and I have not scrapbooked anything. I am going through scrapbook withdraw. Hopefully I will be able to scrapbook tonight.

Joe was in an accident, so we have been without a car for a week now. It sucks, I dont see how people manage with only one car. He will hopefully get it back next week.

Ebony is doing better, she goes back to the vet on Tuesday for a check up and to get a vaccination for tarter. It is suppose to help her bad breath as well. Kahlua is also going.

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