March 24

Today was very long. I worked 10 hours and still feel like I have a ton of work to do. I hate taking time off because when I come back, there is so much work. I did not get to eat dinner last night until 10 pm.

My gums are feeling better today. (having three wisdom teeth pulled takes a lot out of you). There are holes where the teeth were, so I keep getting food stuck in them.

So there is another creepy factor to this house. I remember taking down the smoke detector because it was going off. It has been by the kitchen since we moved in. Last time I saw the smoke detector it was laying on the kitchen table. However on Sunday I realized that it was up in the hallway. I asked Joe and he swears that he did not put it there. He knows it goes by the kitchen, so I don't think he would put it there. Tonight Joe went to a friends house and I was home alone. I heard a noise in the den and was scared to death. All the doors were locked and no one was there. I really think this house is haunted.

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