Sunday 4/27

Today I worked at the RMH, which means that I got to look at the Cricut website a lot. I found this girl who decorated her craft room.

It is so cheerful and fun. I want to do something similar to my craft room, when we buy a house.

I have not got a chance to scrapbook a lot since I got my cricut, but what I have done, looks great. It is so much easier to use then the Xyron. I think I like it so much more because it can really do a lot more than my other machine.

Well Joe got a promotion at work. He will be store manager at the Winter Springs Store (less than 8 miles from the house). He starts on May 5. I am very proud of him. He has earned it. Especially after working for his current manager. She actually left early today and left Joe to complete an inventory by himself. Which was her responsibility. But on top of it, she refused to answer his calls, to find out where the paper work was. So Joe got home 3 hours late today.

Last week was crazy at work. I got 8 cases, usually I only get between 4 and 6. I was in a training on Friday, or I would have gotten two more. (Everyone that worked Fri got 2) I hate this time of year. End of the school year and teachers seem to call in more reports.

Joe and I are going to Texas de Brazil to celebrate his promotion. I cant wait, I have heard really good things about it.

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