April 8

Today was a very long day. I got up early this morning, to donate, and once again my iron was low.

I have been taking my iron pills, I just dont know. So I will try again tomorrow. I went straight to work and it is crazy when I go to the office. I like working from home better. No interruptions, I can get my work done, without being asked a million questions.

I had to go to court today on one of my case. It is about domestic violence and I just dont see why people stay in those types of relationships. I finally was able to convince the mother to call the
police and make a report. They are going to arrested him, which is good, because this guy is crap.
I started reading Metro Girl yesterday, it is a book by Janet Evanovich. I loved her Stephanie Plum Novels and this book is just as great and funny.

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