May 6, 2008

Today was a good day at work, got a lot of stuff done.

I joined this group that makes cards and send to the host, for the area, who then sends them (in a big box) to Soldiers over seas, so they can send them back to their family. I have made 20 cards so far. I hope they like them

Here are a few examples

Joe and I looked at a house around the corner today, for rent. It was 3 bedroom 2 bath. We just want to get away from our neighbor.

May 4

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I went to a crop and got a few pages done. Then today AC Moore had the Cricut on sale for 319. I paid 369 about two weeks ago for it. I took my receipt in and they gave me the difference. So an extra 50 dollars. I was thinking of buying an extra cartridge. Since you can never have enough of them. I was thinking of adding a wish list here, so that way if anyone wants to buy me something (birthday, anniversary, because you love me). What ever the reason, you will know what I want.

I joined a group that makes cards for soldiers over seas.

I am not a big card maker, actually I have only made one card (what did you think Ana?) So I will post some pics when I am done.

I learned on Friday, after the Stimulus payment was not in my account, that if you filed your taxes with Jackson Hewitt, or similar places, and you opted to have them take their fee out of your return. You will get a paper check. That sucks. So I have to wait another two weeks to get the payment.

We got the fence fixed and have been watching the girls while they are outside. I really think that she calls them over to her yard. They do not even go near the fence.