June 24

So I went to the Creating Keepsake convention on Saturday. I was disappointed to say the least. However I got a cute shirt with a turtle. I stay the night with my mom and visit grandma on Sunday. I come home and Ebony is throwing up blood, so I rushed her to the vet. They kept her overnight and she had to have X-rays. We were told she has a Stress Related Ulcers. What?!?!???????

She is a dog. It would be me, a low maintenance person, who gets a high maintenance dog.

There has been some stress. We were told that she could have picked up on the stress from everything with grandma.

June 9

AcMoore is having a sale on cricut BYGO. So I was able to get Animal Kingdom and Paper Dolls.

I saw a card a few weeks ago and that was the first thing i wanted to scraplift once I got Animal Kingdom. Isn't the frog so cute?

June 8

It has been a tough week. Last Friday we learned the Joe's Grandmother was in the hospital. Joe and I both took time off work last week and went to Polk County to visit with her. We learned that she has stage 2 lung cancer and does not have long to live. It has been hard on Joe. He wants to spend as much time as possible with her. It is very emotionally draining to be there. I have dont think I have been more tired.

June 1st

I can not believe it is already June. The summer is here and I can feel it in the weather. Joe and I are getting annual passes for the 2 Disney water parks. I cant wait to spend time in the sun. We are not going to get to go on vacation because of his new job. So we decided this would still give us time away.

I have challenged myself to complete 20 2page layouts this month. So I am going to try to post pictures for all to see. Here is my first one.

Currently I am working on my own baby album. So this is my first birthday.
My mom scrapbooks and said she would complete the album but then my sister had a baby and my album got put on the back burner. I am mainly putting the pages together and my mom promised that she would journal.
The journal on this page came from my baby book.

Joe's Grandmother is currently in the hospital, which has been very hard on Joe. He is trying to get through work this weekend (he found out on Friday) and tomorrow. He is then going to try to take some time off work to spend with her. He is trying so hard to keep it together but it is very hard for him. His grandmother is more like his mother and if I was in the same situation I dont think I would have the strength that he has shown. It is one of the reason I love him so much.