Sunday, November 30

Joe and I took Ebony and Kahlua to the park today. They had a good time, except it started to rain and there was tornado warning in the area.

I worked on another layout last night. I just have to finish the journaling tomorrow and will post a picture.

Joe has Sundays off during the winter has been nice, more family time.

Saturday, November 29

I cant believe Thanksgiving is over. It is true what they say, time gets faster when you get older. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom, sister and Malachi. Joe, myself and g-ma went to my mom's house. We had a good time and was very full as usually.

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping. It seemed like there was not as much stuff that was on sale. I did get a TomTom, GPS. I have gone back and forth about wanting one for a while. I have a GPS on my phone for work, so it seemed like a waste of money, but the one on the phone is hard to work, while driving and the sale price was good. I also picked up 3 cricut cartridges as they were $29.99, regular 89.99.

We leave for Mexico in one week and one day. I cant wait, we fly out at 8am. I have not been on a plane since 9/11, nothing about that dad, I have flown a total of 2 times all together. So a little nervous about the security check point and how long they take.

I have been scrapbooking a lot but forget to take pictures of my layouts. So here are some pages I have completed recently...

I have also started working with 'Swap a Crop.' Which is where I upload my pictures to a website and someone else completes my layouts and I complete a layout for another person. So here are two of the layouts completed by someone else. I love the fact that the pages are so different than what I have ever done, gives my books variety.

My mom built me a bigger scrapbook area, I get more done, now that I have more room...

We did not get the house, we put a bid on. We went all the way until the day before closing and found there was a 10,000 lien on the home. We have decided to take a break and save up more money for a down payment. We are also thinking about buying a new home.

November 9

Wow, How time just flies by. It will be Christmas before you know it.
  • Joe and I won a trip to Mexico, we are going Dec 7-11. It is through his job.
  • Joe and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary and we went to Texas De Brazil. This restaurant is the best and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Malachi has started walking. He is so cute, he gets so excited and starts to run, which makes him fall down.