Use Every Cart I Own ~ 2011

So I fell short of this goal last year.

Own ~ 82
Used ~ 58
Left to Use ~ 24
I used about 70% of my cricut cartridges. Not bad, but I am hoping to use them all this year!!!!
Wish me Luck!

5 two cents':

Laurie LaRiviere said...

wow,that's a lot of carts!I only have four and thought I was doing girl you are:)

Danie May said...

Yep I agree that's a lot of carts and you did well to use 70%. I don't own any......but I do own hundreds of stamps a lot of which I don't use....maybe I should set myself a challenge to use every stamp I own in 2012. Good Luck with achieving your goal for this year.

Teresa said...

I know you can do it!

Carole P said...

I think using 58 is incredible, Lisa. I think you should just vow to use the 24 you didn't use and then be done with it. I'm not a very good influence, am I?

Lizzyc said...

what a cute valentines wall hanging! wow.. good on you for getting the most out of your cricut!!