One For the Money!!!!

Hey Everyone,

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Early this month One for the Money movie came out based on the book by Janet Evanovich. I love her books. I went to the midnight showing of the movie. I was planning on buying a shirt for the event but completely forgot until the night before. So off to the craft store I went.

I found these iron-ons at Joanns. It came with 4 sheets of 8.5x11.
I got the shirt at Wal-Mart and cut the images out on the cricut. It was super easy!

In case you guys have not read the books. Joe is one of the main characters and he calls Stephanie Plum (another main character) Cupcake.

The shirt works perfectly as my husband's name is also Joe.

and the back of the shirt.

I hope I was able to inspire you today! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Bugbytes!

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Carole P said...

Adorable shirt! It looked great on you and the movie was a lot of fun, too!