My Craft Room is now all OttLite

Hey Everyone,
I was so excited to learn that OttLite made regular light bulbs.
Joann's had a sale about a week ago, so I got 4 light bulbs for my scrapbook room. 3 for the ceiling fan and one for my free standing lamp. 

I cant believe the difference!!!!!
These pictures are straight out of my camera, no flash or editing used. 



4 two cents':

pchefmaggie said...

Wow! That's a huge difference!

scrappingchic said...

holy crap! i may need to buy some of those bulbs. how much were they? do you think they'd work in the lamp i have over my table in the dining room?

Teresa said...

WOW!!! I have always had lighting issues in my room...I am definitely going to look into this!

Carole said...

Great idea, Lisa! It makes a huge difference.I think I would like to buy some of those for my craft room. Thanks for sharing :)