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Here is some info that I was asked to complete about me for the blog.

Hi, My name is Lisa and I live in Central FL. I have been scrapbooking since 2004. I enjoy paper crafting, mainly 2-page layouts. But toss it up every once in a while with a card or alter project.

1. Tell Me something about yourself that makes you a "Peachy Kat"?
So I looked up the definition of Peach and two things stuck out at me. First the Informal definition is ‘a person or thing that is especially attractive, liked, or enjoyed.’ I try to strive to be the person that is liked by all. I enjoy having a good time and want others around me to have a good time as well. I also can put this into my scrapbooking pages because I want them to be a ‘Peach’ because I want them to be attractive, liked, and enjoyed. The second thing that stuck out at me was a light pinkish yellow. My favorite color being pink, it fits right into the definition.

2. Does your name have a special meaning for someone or something?
No special meaning in my first name, my mom just liked it. My middle name however, does have special meaning. I was born at home and my mom had a mid wife. She told my mom to give me her name and she would give her a discount on the birth. So they both agreed on my middle name being 'Inez'

3. Do you have a signature scrapping style?
I believe my scrapping style is very simple. I usually tend to follow sketches or scraplift, with my own twist. I want my scrapping time to be enjoyable and not something that I stress over. My goal is to get the photos in a safe place and have fun while doing that.

4. What is your favorite color?

5. What do YOU think is your greatest attribute?
Listening. I am able to realize when someone needs an ear and when someone wants advice. I think sometimes you just need to vent. You are not looking for advice or opinion. You just want to talk about what happened. Then there are times when you are talking because you have no idea where to go or what to do. I think that I am able to figure out which one is needed while listening and then able to respond accordingly.

6. What is your favorite dinner food and /or place to eat?
For a quick dinner I love ‘Five Guys’ they really do have the best burgers. We tend to eat at home most night and I enjoy homemade Mexican. My favorite home cooked meal in chicken enchiladas and yellow rice.

7. How long have you been scrapping?
I have been scrapbooking since 2004. However did enjoy the ‘wrong’ way to scrap throughout high school.

8. Are you married/in a relationship? If, so how long?
I have been married since October 2006. Joe and I have been together since 2002.

9. How do you think your scrappy style has changed since you started or has it?
Boy has it changed. I remember thinking when I first started scrapbooking, ‘Why would anyone buy that plain paper (cardstock) when they can buy the pretty paper (patterned paper). I also use to only use patterned paper as my background and just put the pictures on, no mats. Plus I used only 4x6 photos. Now I am open to trying new techniques. I can never have enough cardstock and I use wallet size and 5x7 size photos along with my 4x6.

10. Do you have kids, if so give details, please?
No kids. My husband and I have decided that we don’t want children. (he says this will change when I turn 30. (Which is next year) However we have two dogs that are just like our children.
Ebony is a lab mix, she is 7 years old. She is starting to show signs of getting old, which I am not willing to accept just yet. She is very sneaky in that she will convince us that she ‘needs’ to go out, so her sister will go outside and then steal her sister’s raw hide.
Kahlua is a mix (we got her from the SPCA, not really sure what she is). She is 5 years old. She is a very protective dog. She loves her daddy and tends to sleep in ‘my spot’ on the bed when I am not there. She is a ‘special’ dog. As in, we think she is not all there in the brain. She stares into space for long periods of time and she will not jump on the couch if there is anything on the couch.

As you can see, we love them like they were our children.

11. Where are you from? Where do you live now?
I am from Polk County, FL. I currently live in Fern Park, FL. This is just north of Orlando. I am a true Floridian, born and raised. My whole family lives in Polk County, FL and I was the odd ball out when I left.  I went to Florida State University. I have never lived outside of FL.

12 .Do you have other crafty loves besides scrapbooking?
Scrapbooking is my only crafty love. I have tried other things like sewing and knitting, but they never stuck.

13.What is your favorite TV show?
I can only pick one!!!! I love to watch Fringe, Southland, CSI and Modern Family with my husband. I also love to watch 19 kids and counting, Harry’s Law, Parenthood, 90210 and Secret Life of an American Teenager.

14. Do you only scrap LOs, Cards, altered projects, etc or all or just some?
Up until a year ago, I was only a 2-page LO girl. I have recently started doing cards and projects. I have really enjoyed being able to have different creative outlets, if I don’t want to work on my pictures.

15. When was the last time you cried & if you want to tell, why?
The last time I was really upset was when I did not get a job that I really wanted. It hurt so much because I had 3 interviews and it was almost a 4 month process. I really thought I ‘had’ the job. However a friend got the job instead and I now realize that it was for the best, because she calls me almost daily to complain about it.
I tend to ‘cry’ when I laugh. My eyes get watery whenever I laugh, no matter how small my laugh is. I tell you this as a warning.

16. Do the rooms in your house have themes, what kind?
My scrapbook room is painted pink, with bright blue and green accents and an owl theme. My kitchen has an Asian theme. The hall bathroom has a beach theme. The house is painted a natural cream color and everything is accented in black. Meaning all my picture frames are black.

17. What is your favorite scrapping tool?
Wow!!! That is a tough one. I would have to say my cricut is a big part of my scrapping area. I use it on most of my projects. I stopped buying a lot of accents. Letter stickers and stickers in general, as I can just make what is needed for my page.

18. Do you collect anything?
 I do not collect anything. I have a few clean style as in I don’t like a lot of clutter. So any collection would not go with that. I have a slight case of OCD, but not really willing to admit that just yet.

19. What is your favorite Movie?
All time favorite movie is Save the Last Dance. However the movies in my scrap oom that I watch over and over are: Fun with Dick and Jane, Day after tomorrow, Accepted and Coyote Ugly.

20. Do you have a favorite(s) Scrappy line that you use frequently or want to try out?
I tend to go for the bright colors and fun lines, more than a particular line. I do enjoy ‘My Little Shoe Box and Imaginisce.

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